letting your hair get super dry instead of regularly moisturizing it?

Jul 1, 2024

here’s what’s happening to your hair when you do this

dry hair is more prone to breaking. think of your hair like a dry twig. it’s pretty easy to snap dry twigs. now think of that same dry twig completely soaked in water. wet twigs are are not that easy to break. the water helps make the twig more flexible and bendable. that’s exactly how your hair works! moisturizing your hair regularly and keeping it properly hydrated helps make it harder to break and less likely to tangle or snag.


here’s what you should be doing

you shouldn’t let more than a week go by without a deep conditioner of some kind. if it’s been sometime since your last moisturizing or hydrating hair treatment, then that deep conditioner should definitely be under a steamer for at least 30 minutes. as your hair becomes more malleable, you can extend your steam treatments to every two weeks. make sure to sleep in a silk bonnet or use a silk pillowcase.


and if you don’t have the time or motivation to do the right thing right now, here’s a good enough work around:

water is your friend - don’t be afraid to use it! keep a continuous mist spray bottle handy with equal parts room-temperature water and leave-in conditioner of your choice. saturate your hair until it doesn’t feel dry anymore. and repeat this anytime your hair feels dry. this should buy you enough time to book an appointment at your favorite salon, or better yet, purchase a sotro collapsible hair steamer to use when you’re ready!