not detangling your hair before washing it?

Apr 1, 2024

here’s what’s happening to your hair when you do this

shampoo, while great for cleansing, often causes more tangling because water will lift the cuticle layers of all your hair strands at once while the act of shampooing causes friction. the open cuticles and the friction causes hair strands to intertwine. combine that with hair that’s already tangled and you have a bigger mess on your hands - one that will make your tangle problem much, much worse.


here’s what you should be doing

it’s just better to not skip the pre-shampoo detangling step. there’s really no way around this. and if you know that your hair is already tangled or is prone to tangling, then it is a must. removing the bulk of the tangles beforehand will significantly limit the amount of breakage and hair loss you might experience during the washing process.


and if you don’t have the time or motivation to do the right thing right now, here’s a good enough work around:

while there’s no way around detangling, there are ways to cheat and make detangling easier! you can grab your favorite detangling spray, conditioner or pre-poo and apply as much as needed to fully saturate your hair. feel free to add water if necessary - it’s important not to detangle on dry hair and keep your hair wet to give it more slip. carefully use a detangling tool - whether it’s a wide tooth comb, detangling brush or even your fingers - gently starting at the ends and working your way up the hair shaft to work through any knots or tangles.

for the ultimate pro hack, saturate your hair with your favorite detangling product and sit under a steamer for 15 minutes. steaming in the detangling products will allow your hair to soften up more. now, when you go through your hair with your detangling tool, you’ll find detangling your hair to be a breeze. and if you’re not sold already, one extra benefit of a pre-shampoo steaming session will mean your end wash result will be softer, tangle-free and bouncier hair!