not keeping up with regular trims?

Jun 1, 2024

here’s what’s happening to your hair when you do this

you might be saying to yourself, “my hair is growing out great and i haven’t trimmed my hair. what’s the problem?”. well, we hate to be the one to break it you, but that growth boost you’ve been enjoying is more than likely dead hair that’s accumulating at your ends and weighing your hair down. that extra weight causes your hair shaft to crack and split. left untreated, that split will ultimately travel up the length of your hair shaft and either can cause significant breakage mid shaft or snaps the entire hair strand right at the root leading to hair loss. split ends travel like wildfire - the longer you ignore them, the quicker they spread damage and breakage across all of your hair. and just like that - that growth you worked so hard to accomplish disappears in an instant.

here’s what you should be doing

we all get split ends - it occurs naturally no matter how much or how little you do to your hair. but how well we treat our hair will determine the impact those split ends have on overall hair health. aim to have a regular, scheduled maintenance trim (at the hands of a professional stylist or barber) at least once every 3 months (6 months max!). that way, you’ll nip a split end right at the bud and prevent it from ever getting dangerous enough to cause damage. and you’ll enjoy much longer and thicker hair in the process! consistently keeping up with your regular trims will mean your professional stylist or barber won’t need to cut much of your hair and will only dust off your ends right at the start of the split. you’ll only be cutting off the bare minimum and you’ll be able to retain all that wonderful healthy hair you’ve grown out.

we know it may sound counterintuitive, but in the same way you have to sometimes spend money to make money, you’ve got to trim hair to grow hair.


and if you don’t have the time or motivation to do the right thing right now, here’s a good enough work around:

we’re tempted to tell you that you just need to book that appointment for your trim already (and with a professional please - not with kitchen scissors and guided by youtube). but we get it - sometimes that’s easier said than done. so if maintaining a 3 month trimming schedule is a bit tough, than incorporate weekly deep conditioning or strengthening hair masks and treatments with a steamer. steaming in these treatments will allow them to penetrate the hair shaft deeper, which will slow down the travel speed of the split end up the hair shaft, delaying the onset of breakage.